#009: The ABC of miso soup (poster)

When I was writing my guide on how to make Japanese brown rice in my previous post, I always thought I should lead up to writing about miso soup, as, for every Japanese person, rice and miso soup go hand-in-hand. (Here, I was wondering what the western equivalent might be: Burger and patty? Fish and chips?) ​

But I realised that there’s so many snippets of information I’d like to say on this subject! And so to avoid my miso soup recipe looking like a college dissertation paper, I thought I’ll get these snippets out of the way first, and follow the miso soup recipe in the next post instead. And to avoid you getting bored with long-winded writing, I condensed it all in to a couple of sentences each and fit them on an A4 poster. ​

Hopefully this poster is a nice and easy way to introduce you to the world of miso soup! ​

Happy miso soup making~! xx ​

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3 Replies to “#009: The ABC of miso soup (poster)”

  1. Glad that you’re back and writing! Is there such a thing as low-sodium miso soup? Love the flavor but I now have to watch the sodium! Thanks.

    1. Thank you Li!!!!
      And yes there is a low sodium miso sold quite commonly, it’s called “gen-en” miso, the kanji would be 減塩.
      But the problem with this is that it tends to have unwanted ingredients in there like preservatives, to compensate for the lack of salt. So it’s really worth checking the ingredients label at the back of the packet!

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