#008: 355 words to describe food (downloadable poster)

355 words to describe food - poster/ chart thumbnail

Hello! I hope this article finds you well! ^^ As seasoned blog readers will know, I write a lot about food – on this blog as well as on my Instagram feed. Despite quitting my food business almost two years ago (omg… time flew by…), I am still very much absorbed in thoughts for all-things food. If you see me quietly contemplating something, you betcha my brain is preoccupied with, yes you’ve guessed it, about food. Lol…

My love of food extends to reading about it as well. I love reading not just cookbooks but also food essays, journals and even scientific reports at times. When it’s written well, I marvel at how the words are deliciously composed. I’m not a fan of the word ‘foodporn’ but it does describe how I feel about reading about food. Continue reading “#008: 355 words to describe food (downloadable poster)”

#007: Get in to the healthy ritual of dry body brushing! (plus get a poster for you to download!)

Dry body brushing chart/ guide - Well-being

How I started: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (of which I am now in complete remission now by the way! ^^), I was told by the doctor that they’ll be removing the lymph-node that is the nearest to the affected breast to see if the cancer had spread to there, because it’s the first place where the cancerous cells would move in to, to carry them to other parts of the body.

Shocked, scared, mortified… Lookie up similar words in the thesaurus and I vouch that I felt every one of those emotions. Then add ‘confused’ to this group of words because the talk about lymph nodes threw me off. Until then, ‘lymph’ really wasn’t in my daily vocabulary…!

Soon as I got home, I researched about it to the hilt, to figure what the heck was happening to me, and to vanish the fear, because I believe that fear comes from not knowing, and acquiring knowledge is the power to silence it. Continue reading “#007: Get in to the healthy ritual of dry body brushing! (plus get a poster for you to download!)”