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This is the collection of books, kitchen equipments & things that I truly recommend. I own all of these things myself & use them regularly. They have been under my eagle eye scrutiny & yet withstood the test of time, so please know that I am recommending only the good stuff! xx

Body brush with natural bristles and long handle –


Dry brushing is a safe, self-massage technique that helps the lymph liquid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells flow around your body better. This flowing liquid (which was squeezed out of your blood vessels by the way) sweeps up any infection to the nearest lymph nodes where infection-battlers called B cells and T cells reside. B & T will gang-up (= multiply) and fight the bad stuff then filter through only the cleaned lymph liquid, which will flow back in to the blood circulation. I body brush every-time before showering/ bathing! Buy on Amazon >>>

Duralex Picardie water glass (310ml) –

Duralex drinking glasses/ cups - Shop - Basics of Happy -

Timeless & iconic. I stick to just Duralex because I know that this classic will be around forever to buy, compared to different glasses from different brands that stop production soon as the season is over. I just love stocking my glasses with just one type, rather than having a precariously stacked mish-mash of designs. – Duralex stacks well and saves space too! Buy on Amazon >>>

Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Kettle –

Plastic-free stainless steel kettle - non-plastic - Basics of Happy -

Ta-da~!!!!! It’s an ALL-STAINLESS-STEEL electric kettle by Ottoni Fabbrica & it’s non-plastic!!! Ooh it makes me so happy! 🙂 I do slightly fear that I may come across as a bit silly getting all excited over just a kettle…, lol, but you’ve gotta understand (!) this is a cumulative result of me searching high & low for a non-plastic kettle for an age! Did you know that finding a kettle with absolutely zilch plastic parts is really hard?! You’d think that the stainless steel kettles out there on the market would be good enough, right?, but no…, they all have some sort of plastic part that would be in contact with the boiling water… Buy on Amazon >>>

Waring PB20CX Kitchen Classic Blender by Waring –

Waring food blender - Shop - Basics of Happy -

What I love love love about this is that the jug is made out of glass, not plastic. Sure, there are disadvantages such as; a) it’s heavier b) it might break – but the advantages is it is NOT PLASTIC so you won’t worry about possible BPA or any chemicals leaching in to your food. And I’ve had mine for 10 years without it breaking. – Just to warn you, the base is made out of metal, and together with the thick glass jug, it’s a heavy equipment. So it has to live on your kitchen counter. But when it looks pretty like this, I don’t mind! Buy on Amazon >>>

German Weck jars –

Weck preserving jars - Shop - Basics of Happy -

This is my go-to jar of choice for whenever I make jams and pickles. It’s made out of glass body and lid. And it comes in super cute sizes and shape! I should also point out that they are reusable. – Looks are very important but what’s more important is safety, and so what attracted me to these is that there is no plastic in sight! So no possible leaching plastic in to your food! Hurrah! Because did you know that the insides of a standard metal jar lid is coated in plastic… Buy on Amazon >>>

Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker 4.5 Litre –

Please note that the picture here is of the older model, which is what I have. Mine is also the 4.5 litre capacity. The size suits a family of four. – I eat Japanese brown rice most of the time (my recipe here), & to cook it, I ALWAYS use my pressure cooker. – The Fissler brand is the king, the don, when it comes to pressure cookers. It’s rather more expensive than others on the market, but it’s reliable & it’ll last you a lifetime. And my motto is, spend good money on good stuff that lasts you, you’ll save in the long run. Buy on Amazon >>>>

Monthly food seasonality screensaver

Monthly seasonal food screensaver/ lock screen image - Basics of Happy -
I’m extremely proud to present to you a set of monthly seasonal food screensavers/ lock screen wallpaper. With a quick glance at your phone screen, you can now find out what vegetable, fruit, nuts, herbs, fish, meat and cheese is in season! – I find this particularly useful when I am shopping at a supermarket choosing seasonal food against non-seasonal. Buy on ETSY >>>

My Kitchenware wish list – TOP 5

Do you ever wile away your time browsing for things that you have no intention of getting? C’mon, tell me I’m not alone in this. We’ve all been there right? For most of us, it’s the online clothes shopping. ‘Browser-window shopping’, hopping from browser-window to window entertaining the idea of getting it, but don’t. Or is it the mock-plan of a holiday, looking up resorts in exotic locations, sending your thoughts to lounging blissfully on the beach under the palm tree with an ice-cold cocktail in your hand? I don’t see anything wrong in this – I find the activity rather satisfyingly fun, it’s harmless and stress-releasing in fact. A glass of Rioja grasped in one hand and the other clicking the mouse, my evening is sorted. Have a look my kitchenware wish list >>>