#001: This is that beginning of ‘something’

Here’s to the next chapter! Cheers! Gān bēi! Santé! Proost! Kanpai! Cin cin! Salud! 😉

What this website is going to be is a mystery to me as yet (!), but in the spirit of being pro-active, I’ve set it up hoping that it’ll start the ball rolling…

I’ve written about why I named the site ‘Basics of Happy’ on the About page, so if you’re interested, take a peek.

Homemaking food is central to my happy being so there is a Recipe section, where I have already entered two of my favourite recipes from my old website: one sweet, and one savoury recipe.

#002 Fluffy and plump Japanese brown rice
#003 The ultimate creme caramel

And, to fund this new website I have created an online store which links you to amazon products. Please take a look at these too~! 🙂
Any future articles will appear on the homepage, so I hope you stay tuned! See you around~!!!!!
Tamami xx

14 Replies to “#001: This is that beginning of ‘something’”

  1. Hey I didn’t have time in minikland to browse the web this summer, not able to leave you a comment 🙁 I’m so happy to see this in my mailbox today! Cheers and good luck 🍀 hope all is well and lots of love!

    1. OOOOO! Hello there Minik! So lovely to see you o this new website! Cheers hon for leaving a message. I hope all is well in Minik-land?? xx

  2. Hi! & best wishes & joy on this new Adventure!

    1. Hi Jonquil!!! Welcome to the new website!!! I’m so happy to hear from you on here too!!!!! Cheers!!!!

  3. Hi Tamami, congratulation on your new blog. Glad to see you back in action. I was slow down in blogging too but hopefully to be back soon. :))
    Take care and see ya. God bless you and family.

    1. Ohhhhh Amelia, how lovely to see you here!!!!! Thank you so much. See you around!!!!! T xx

  4. Diana Hale says:

    Hi Tamami, I love your other blog and I look forward to what this one will bring!! I rejoice on the finishing of your therapy! I am so happy for you and your family!!

    1. Awww, Diana, how sweet of you, thank you so much! ☺️ Yes, I’m excited to start this new blog and look forward to writing for it! Yayyyyy! 🙂

  5. Hi !!Tamami
    Congratulations for your new website.I’m really happy to read you.

    1. Hello Anne!!!!! So nice of you to leave a comment here! Yup, I’m feeling happy to get started on the new blog! Stay tuned~!!!!! 🙂 x

  6. Many congrats on setting up your new website! Great design! (and it seems to work well on my platform) xx

    1. Hi Louise! Welcome to the new website! I’m so relieved to hear that the design is working well from the browser you are using! Phew! xx

  7. Caroline Tillous-Borde says:

    Thank you for welcoming us on this new blog! Long live the basics of happy!

    1. Caroline!!!!!! Awwww, welcome to the new blog! I’m so happy that you’re the first to comment ever! xx

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