#010: I am still in love with my plastic-free kettle~!!!!

 A year and a half ago I bought myself this Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Kettle “Fjord Satinato”!!!!!!!the best plastic-free kettle It’s an ALL-stainless steel kettle! :)​ I bought this after hours of searching high & low! Trying to find a kettle that is truly free from plastic touching the water is near impossible! (The internet can be a labyrinth of just too much information, don’t you think? I end up link-hopping forever and ever without much result nor satisfaction… Anyone with me on that trap???) When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (of which I am now fully-recovered btw), as anybody in my shoes would, I looked deep in to where I can improve my lifestyle. ​

And going plastic-free was one of them. Especially with plastics that would touch my food and drink, incase the plastic leaches on to it. ​

Looking around the kitchen, the plastic kettle was an obvious candidate to say bye-bye to (as well as plastic tupperware). Because, coming to think of it, it was plain to see that it can cause harm – the kettle’s plastic casing would get heated to boiling temperature again and again! This must not be good, plus, the hot water I leave behind would sit in the plastic until next time I consume! Yikes…! ​

Yes-yes, I know that there are BPA-free plastic kettle nowadays. But…, (you can call me a mistrustful downer as much as you like!) but, I don’t think they are good enough. You have to think to yourself; so, what other material do the manufactures use to replace BPA then? BPS and BPF? It’s said that the research on the effects of these on health is still at it’s early stage. Hm…, reason to be wary? Speaking from my personal experience, I think so. Best to err on the side of caution, guys, health is way important than stinging on a couple of bucks more to buy a decent plastic-free kettle.

​ So, here’s how my kettle is looking after a year and a half!

stainless steel kettle plastic-free
Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Kettle “Fjord Satinato”!!!!!!! – ​the best plastic-free kettle

It’s totally toxic-free, plastic-free. And pours beautifully as the spout is well-designed. Proper Italian-made high quality. I feel so much safer knowing that I’m not ingesting water that hasn’t been contaminated by leached plastic! (Plastic contains chemicals that mess with human hormones…! Yikes!)

I am super-happy to report to you that it’s still working wonders. I just love it when a purchase turns out to stand the test of time. No rust. No faults. I also love the vintage look of it. And it looks good on the counter.

By the way, here’s what you need to watch out for when looking for a plastic-free kettle:

  • Don’t buy kettles that have a water indicator viewing panel on the side. That’s definitely plastic that is in contact with water.

  • Many kettles that sing “stainless steel” still has a mesh lime scale filter that has a plastic frame. So double-check on that with the seller.

  • Likewise, the inside of the lid sometimes has plastic components.

I wondered if there are any other all-stainless steel kettles out in the market since my purchase, and found this Chinese brand:

Aicok Stainless Steel Kettle with Cool Touch –

But a quick read on the amazon reviews mention that it does have a small bit of plastic by the inside lid which will come in to contact when pouring. So this one, I would call it “mostly” plastic-free.

Btw, if you’re reading from the US, there are these that I found:

Precise Heat Electric Water Kettle – Number One plastic-free kettle

The inside is definitely non-plastic! And it looks slightly similar to this one. ​

Kitchen Gizmo Double-Walled Kettle – the best plastic-free kettle

The inside is definitely non-plastic! But does look plasticky on the outside. ​

Secura SWK-1701DB Stainless Steel Kettle – the best plastic-free kettle

Again, the inside is definitely non-plastic! But does look plasticky on the outside. ​

Elementi Premier Gooseneck Kettle –the best plastic-free kettle

This one is especially for making tea and coffee! ​

Anyways, I hope this write-up helped and guided you in the right direction! Happy shopping~!>

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  1. Looks great! Is it uncomfortable to pour given the handle is at the top (usually kettle handles are at the side). Have you found this an awkward feature? It costs a lot so I want to be sure before I buy 🙂

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