#014: How to weave a tortilla basket

How to weave a edible tortilla basket

Please don’t judge me on what I do with my spare time. LOL. But I suddenly had this urge to weave tortilla wraps, and make an edible woven basket. Have a go, it’s kinda therapeutic once you get into the rhythm of it.

(Double weave.)

How to weave a edible tortilla basket in a pattern
(Chevron weave.)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Get two sheets of tortilla.

2. Place the two sheets on top of each other. And using the grid lines on the cutting mat as a guide, precisely cut it in to strips. (Cutting two sheets at the same time is so much quicker!)

3. Find a weaving pattern you like on the internet. Using search term “paper weaving patterns” yields lots of results.

4. Start weaving the pattern from the middle outwards, using the longest strips first.

5. Once woven, use a plate as a guide to cut it into a circle.

6. Annoyingly, the outer edges come apart, so my solution to the problem was to use an edible sticky paste made with glutinous rice flour (‘shiratamako’) and water. It did the trick.

7. Place the woven tortilla in a small stainless steel bowl that turns up/ curves the tortilla edges.

8. Bake in the 200C pre-heated oven for 7 minutes or until the edges start to brown.

9. Leave to cool in the bowl for a while to firm up the shape.

How to weave a edible tortilla basket

How to weave a edible tortilla basket

How to weave a edible tortilla basket(Woven tortilla basket, oven baked, used as a salad bowl.)

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