#007: Get in to the healthy ritual of dry body brushing! (plus get a poster for you to download!)

How I started: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (of which I am now in complete remission now by the way! ^^), I was told by the doctor that they’ll be removing the lymph-node that is the nearest to the affected breast to see if the cancer had spread to there, because it’s the first place where the cancerous cells would move in to, to carry them to other parts of the body.

Shocked, scared, mortified… Lookie up similar words in the thesaurus and I vouch that I felt every one of those emotions. Then add ‘confused’ to this group of words because the talk about lymph nodes threw me off. Until then, ‘lymph’ really wasn’t in my daily vocabulary…!

Soon as I got home, I researched about it to the hilt, to figure what the heck was happening to me, and to vanish the fear, because I believe that fear comes from not knowing, and acquiring knowledge is the power to silence it.

It was during my research that I found out about the benefits of dry-body-brushing.

Dry brushing is a safe, self-massage technique that helps the lymph liquid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells flow around your body better.

This flowing liquid (which was squeezed out of your blood vessels by the way) sweeps up any infection to the nearest lymph nodes where infection-battlers called B cells and T cells reside. B & T will gang-up (= multiply) and fight the bad stuff then filter through only the cleaned lymph liquid, which will flow back in to the blood circulation.

I thought, what could be more apt for me and my condition! And so I immediately bought a body brush online on Amazon and never looked back.

So for the past year and a half I’ve been dry brushing my body every-time before I take a shower or a bath. It’s to a point where it has become a ritual for me. If I don’t do it, I feel it just isn’t right and the bathing just doesn’t feel complete. In fact, I don’t want to spare any opportunity to drain my lymph, so I even wash my body in the same direction! For me, it’s comforting to think that I am doing something positive toward getting better.

I have a brush-flow diagram poster for you~!!!

There are many a website detailing the benefits of dry brushing, so I will try to keep this article simple and instead offer a poster I made for you to print out and keep. It will guide you on which direction you should brush, as well as in which order. – I have this blue-tacked on my wall and I look at it as I brush. It keeps my technique in check and never let the regular routine become slack. ​

Please visit my ETSY shop to download this poster, so that you can print it out & tack it on to your wall to guide you while brushing! ^^


6 Replies to “#007: Get in to the healthy ritual of dry body brushing! (plus get a poster for you to download!)”

  1. Wow, thanks for the chart! I watched a few videos and tried it, but always got confused and gave up. This really helps!!

  2. Hi Tamami
    Please would you send me the DRY BRUSHING downloadable poster
    I can’t seem to access it off the website.

    Many many thanks
    Adele ?

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