#016: Kitchenware wish list – TOP 5 –

Kitchenware wish list - TOP 5 - Things I lust for right now

Do you ever wile away your time browsing for things that you have no intention of getting? C’mon, tell me I’m not alone in this. We’ve all been there right? For most of us, it’s the online clothes shopping. ‘Browser-window shopping’, hopping from browser-window to window entertaining the idea of getting it, but don’t.

Or is it the mock-plan of a holiday, looking up resorts in exotic locations, sending your thoughts to lounging blissfully on the beach under the palm tree with an ice-cold cocktail in your hand?

I don’t see anything wrong in this – I find the activity rather satisfyingly fun, it’s harmless and stress-releasing in fact. A glass of Rioja grasped in one hand and the other clicking the mouse, my evening is sorted.

Now, with yours truly, kitchenware is the seduction. And Amazon the instrument. And the top 5 list below is born out of many such browsing sessions.

These are the items that I would absolutely love to own; ALL if I could, but my rational self says that they’re too expensive, too bulky for my kitchen or, gasp, simply not that essential nor imperative. (Sometimes being a sensible soul is a joy-killer…no?) So instead of really getting them, I sit them in my Amazon ‘save for later’ basket, entertaining the possibility.

I know that one day it’ll crawl itself in to the shopping basket at the top of the page. And I’ll be clicking the purchase button. One wavering in rational and enough funding then it will be mine! MINE! (Evil laughter ensues…)

La Pavoni Europiccola lever espresso machine

La Pavoni Europiccola lever espresso machine
This is the true coffee enthusiast’s, nay, fanatic’s, manual pump pressure espresso coffee machine. I love it for the lever mechanism to press your own shot that is quasi-industrial and sexy in an old-school-is-still-cool way. With no electronic displays and modern touch buttons, this is a tool to distance oneself from the high-tech, sped-up world and embrace the slow down and smell the coffee, literally. And oh, James Bond has the same one in his own apartment in ‘Live or let die’. Need I say more.
Have a look at La Pavoni Europiccola on Amazon >>>

KOMO Fidibus Classic Grain Mill

KOMO Fidibus Classic Grain Mill
The fact is, freshly milled flour is more nutritious. Did you know that flour loses 40% of its vitamin content after just one day once it’s milled and exposed to air? And then 85 to 90% after 2 to 3 more days? Yes I know, oh my giddy aunt. Before I knew about it, I never even considered that the flour I get from the supermarket is fresh or not! – With this German engineered beauty you can have the freshest flour as and when you need it. The stone grain mill inside will grind not just wheat but also rye, spelt, barley, oats, millet, sweetcorn, durum, brown rice, buckwheat, flax seed, chickpeas, quinoa, and amaranth!! Sigh…, I want this so bad.
Have a look at the Komo Grain Mill on Amazon >>>

Fissler Profi Collection Stock Pot

Fissler Profi Collection Stock Pot
I really-really want a ‘very large’ stock pot to make a big batch of stock in one go. And I have my eyes on this one by Fissler. It’s got a heavy lid that seals the pot to keep the heat better and hence help you cook economically (heavy lid also doesn’t rattle!), and the handles remain cold so as not to burn you. And besides, I have a soft spot for the Fissler brand. The Fissler pressure cooker that I’ve had for something like 10 years is still going strong and is my fave kitchenware to date. So I know that it’ll be one of those purchases that’ll serve you for many happy years.
Have a look at Fissler stock pot on Amazon >>>

Dualit 89200 Mini Oven
Dualit 89200 Mini Oven
There are times when all I want is to quickly melt a bit of cheese on a single toast, or bake a pie for one person. The thing about this though, is I feel a tad bad about firing up my great big convection oven just for that. It takes ages to pre-heat such a big space, and it’s not eco-friendly!
– That’s why I would love-love-love to have this mini-oven as the second oven in the kitchen. I love that it heats to 180°C in just three minutes! It also has a grilling function, so just imagine being able to chow down on a toast with deliciously bubbling cheese topping as and when you want to rather than wait for it to pre-heat for 20 minutes if it was a big oven!
Have a look at the toaster oven on Amazon >>>

Bosch MSM67160GB Hand Blender, 750 W

Bosch MSM67160GB Hand Blender, 750 W

I want to whip up my soup directly in the pan, and not have to transfer it ladle by ladle in to my kitchen blender like how I do right now. So after reading pages of online reviews of all sorts of blenders, I’m settle on this one because:

  • The shaft and the blade are all stainless steel. It has no plastic parts touching the food.
  • The extra-strong wattage is powerful.
  • Although it would’ve been better if it was cordless, it at least has a longer than normal length of it.
  • You can exchange the attachement to a whisk.
  • Whilst I acknowledge that these (sad but realistic) days there are bogus reviews that can not be trusted so gullibly, this had the plenty of best sounding reviews on Amazon.
  • You can run it for a long time (some other models only recommend running for 30 to 60 seconds at a time, otherwise it overheats!).
  • It has speed settings (it’s good to start off slow to avoid spitting!).

Have a look at the hand blender on Amazon >>>

… one day I will get them, I just know!! 🙂

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